Flix for Short: "Got Me a Beard" by The Beards

The Beards are an Australian folk-rock band who only sing songs about beards. According to The Beards official website: The Beards formed in 2005 -- a dark time for the beards. It was a time when having a beard could mean unemployment, so...


Van Damme and Chuck Norris in Expendables 2

With The Expendables turning out to be an unexpected success, Sly Stallone has been working hard to add to his already impressive list of OAP action stars. Arnold Schwarznegger and Bruce Willis will reportedly be getting the kind of screent...


Trailer: Good Neighbors

That Jay Baruchel boy sure is adorable, what with the stammering and the hipster Woody Allen charm and the riding of the dragons. I’m sure his next film will be just as adora- wait a minute, what the heck is going on here?Apple has a ...


The Flixist Beard Awards

Each year, awards are given out for a variety of worthy categories, like Best Director or Best Supporting Actress. We at Flixist agree that greatness must be recognized, and as such we have put up a plethora of awards posts to celebrate. A...


Trailer: The Conspirator

The Conspirator is "the true story you thought you knew" about the assassination of our beloved (and Illinois's second favorite) President Abraham Lincoln. Specifically, it focuses on the titular female co-conspirator to the Lincoln assass...


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Stuber"The Lyft of buddy cop Uber movies "


Crawl"Small spaces"


The Farewell"Sad, funny, but most importantly honest"


The Lion King"Play it again, Simba"


Darlin'"Feral and tender"


Midsommar"Sumer is Icumen in"


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 6 Episode 7 - "Toldja""Everyone is here (and lacking common sense)!"


Ophelia"Hamlet 2.0"


Maiden"Girls to the front, go rock the boat"


Yesterday"Nowhere man"


Spider-Man: Far from Home"EuroTrip except with superhero violence instead of sex"


The Third Wife"Fate has the upper hand."


Toy Story 4"An existential nightmare (for kids!)"


Jessica Jones Season 3"What is your truth?"


Men in Black: "Oh, they have crap overseas too!"


The Dead Don't Die"Shambling wreck or full of brains?"


Shaft"Shut cho mouth!"


Diamantino"Ignorance is bliss"


The Fall of the American Empire"Big ideas, bad ideas, muddled ideas"


The Secret Life of Pets 2"A move with the attention spa... SQUIRREL!"