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Contest: Win a Blu-ray copy of Arrow Video's Waterworld

No eating 30 minutes before entering our contest for Waterworld on Blu-ray. For most of us in the northern hemisphere, it's winter. In a lot of places, it's been a pretty damned cold one, at that. Wouldn't you just like to be tran...


Here's our first glimpse of 2019's Aladdin

A new teaser trailer for Disney's live-action remake of Aladdin was shown during tonight's football game and if you were hoping for something substantial, it's best to temper your expectations. They call these things teasers for a reason an...


The Cult Club: Funky Forest: First Contact (2005)

[The Cult Club is where Flixist's writers expound the virtues of their favourite underground classics, spanning all nations and genres. It is a monthly series of articles looking at what made those films stand out from the pack, as well ...


Trailer: Piranha 3DD

Okay, so, Ving Rhames has shotgun legs, The Hoff and Gary Busey are in this (the former as himself), and the alays-fine Danielle Panabaker is our heroine? This summer can't come soon enough. My body is not ready. [Via Youtube]


Piranha 3DD synopsis, Gary Busey, the Hoff, and more!

Honestly, it doesn't matter what Piranha 3DD is about. The title is a boob joke. These people are delightfully self-aware. I'm there either way. For those of you who are harder sells, there is an actual synopsis besides "piranhas eat haples...


AVATAR 2 to focus on oceans, save space whales

James Cameron recently spoke with ABC's Nightline about the upcoming sequels to his blockbuster movie. Apparently, they're "just a continuation of the same thing," but this time, it "focuses it a little more on ocean issues, because we have...


Gary Busey cast in Piranha 3DD, possibly as piranha

Fangoria brings news that Gary Busey has been cast in Piranha 3DD. People are of course wondering what his role will be but I'm not convinced he won't just be a piranha extra since the fish are supposed to grow larger in the sequel; it woul...


Review: Piranha 3D

Piranha 3D wears its heart on its sleeve and delivers exactly what it promises: boobs and gore are in plentiful supply throughout. There's nothing more to it than that, but however slight it may be, director Alejandre Aja embraces the expl...


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