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Next Resident Evil film is probably the last one

The Resident Evil series has been a huge moneymaker. Although the original videogame series has been on a decline the last few years (with their parent company Capcom currently under financial duress), the films have made Sony a good chunk ...

Pompeii SB Spot photo

Super Bowl TV spot for Pompeii

Thanks to that cool band, Bastille, I automatically think of that extremely good "Pompeii" single when I read the word. When I was suddenly reminded Pompeii is a movie that exists during the Super Bowl, I was saddened when there ...

Pompeii teaser photo

First teaser trailer for Paul W.S. Andersonís Pompeii

Paul W.S. Anderson's next movie is Pompeii, where a gladiator named Milo (Milo?) falls in love with a woman before Mount Vesuvius erupts. So it's basically Titanic mixed with Volcano with a dash of Gladiator and that one failed Xbox Kinect...


Review: Resident Evil: Retribution 3D

A little more than two years ago, about a month before Flixist went live for the first time, I wrote a review for Resident Evil: Afterlife. You can read it here. For those of you who don't want to read it, I will summarize: Afterlife&n...


Kevin Durand is Barry Burton and other RE5 casting news

I previously reported that a trio of as-yet-unseen characters from the Resident Evil games would be making their debut in Resident Evil: Retribution, but franchise star Milla Jovovich left us wanting when it came to casting. Fortunately, sh...


Actors play dead characters in Resident Evil: Retribution

Fans of the Resident Evil films -- wait, are there any? -- will be interested to know that some familiar faces will be returning for the my-god-I-can't-believe-I'm-saying-this fifth installment Resident Evil: Retribution. Colin Salmon and M...


Barry, what're YOU doing here? Jovovich talks Retribution

In the period between my submission to the site that would become Flixist and the e-mail that congratulated me for not writing about Inception getting picked from a massive pool of applicants to write for this fine, fine e-stablishment, I d...


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