Dumb and Dumber 2 begins shooting at the end of 2012

I got to speak to comedy directing legend Peter Farrelly this weekend about his upcoming Three Stooges film, and we got to talking about some of his future projects. The first you'll be wanting to hear about is the in-development seque...


The Wolverine's production possibly slashed until 2012

James Howlett, you don't have to turn to alcohol because your next film's production is set to be delayed until next year! Remember, big boys don't cry, especially to the bottom of a bottle. Hisako Ichiki, why aren't you doing more to conso...


Craig confirms that Bond 23 is going to India

One of the best part of Bond films is that they function as an amazing travelog as well. Bond has been all over the world and shown us the finer (and seedier) sides of it. It seems the international man of mystery will be returning to a loc...


Set photos of Clash of the Titans 2 show sticks, stones

There were many things that made the remake of Clash of the Titans suck, but with the sequel to the film (possibly called Wrath of the Titans) approaching let's hope that the promises of its star, Sam Worthington, and director, Johnathan Li...


Piranha 3DD (that's 3 Double D) begins shooting

I think if I made a list of movie sets that I'd like to hang out on the movie set for Piranha 3DD would be damn near the top. If the epically awesome Piranha 3D is any indication it would basically be tons of funny people, lots of fake gore...


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