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Expendables 3 shoots up a PG-13 rating

I guess it was inevitable. The latest version in the Expendables franchise, due for release in mid-August, will be PG-13. This move makes Expendables 3 go from that movie that annoying kids snuck into to that movie that the annoying kids bo...


President Camacho videos chime in on 2012 politics

While I don't necessarily like the politix, I'm all for it when something awesome happens as a result. Remember when Terry Crews teased that Idiocracy's President Camacho was getting web a spin-off starting with a few videos? Now we have t...


'Idiocracy's' President Camacho web spin-off in the works

While promoting Expendables 2 in an interview with Movieline, Terry Crews explains that he and Mike Judge "literally met with Fox a week ago" to talk over "some Camacho stuff." Crews has wanted to portray President Dwayne Elizondo Moun...


Teaser poster for The Expendables 2 surfaces

When I first heard that Sly Stallone and company would be re-teaming for a follow up to The Expendables, I celebrated by flexing and shooting automatic weapons into the air while stringing together a random sequence of expletives. Now it s...


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Stuber"The Lyft of buddy cop Uber movies "


Crawl"Small spaces"


The Farewell"Sad, funny, but most importantly honest"


The Lion King"Play it again, Simba"


Darlin'"Feral and tender"


Midsommar"Sumer is Icumen in"


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 6 Episode 7 - "Toldja""Everyone is here (and lacking common sense)!"


Ophelia"Hamlet 2.0"


Maiden"Girls to the front, go rock the boat"


Yesterday"Nowhere man"


Spider-Man: Far from Home"EuroTrip except with superhero violence instead of sex"


The Third Wife"Fate has the upper hand."


Toy Story 4"An existential nightmare (for kids!)"


Jessica Jones Season 3"What is your truth?"


Men in Black: "Oh, they have crap overseas too!"


The Dead Don't Die"Shambling wreck or full of brains?"


Shaft"Shut cho mouth!"


Diamantino"Ignorance is bliss"


The Fall of the American Empire"Big ideas, bad ideas, muddled ideas"


The Secret Life of Pets 2"A move with the attention spa... SQUIRREL!"